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Dr Elise Klein (OAM) is a writer, researcher and Senior Lecturer of Public Policy at the Crawford School at the Australian National University. Her research is situated in the intersections (and cracks) of development, social policy, de(coloniality) and care. 


Dr Klein’s two sole authored research books include Developing Minds: Psychology, Neoliberalism, Power (Routledge), and Reading Amartya Sen’s Inequality Re-examined Study Book, (Mouseion/ Routledge). Dr Klein has also two co-edited collections; Postdevelopment in Practice: Alternatives, Economies, Ontologies (Routledge) with Carlos Eduardo Morreo, and Implementing a Basic Income in Australia: Pathways Forward (Palgrave).


Klein’s research has featured in leading news outlets including the Guardian, New York Times, ABC, the Australian and SMH. This follows her work being eagerly taken up by publications such as the Conversation, the Guardian, ABC, Overland and the Canberra Times. Klein is called upon by members of Federal Parliament for policy advice and is often asked to give evidence for Parliamentary Senate inquiries. 


Dr Klein has held various roles including working on the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Development and the Human Rights Committee within the United Nations General Assembly. She holds a Dphil in International Development from the University of Oxford, was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and the Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research both in 2019.



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