Postdevelopment destabilises the concept of development by challenging its assumptions and exposing areas where it has failed in its objectives. At the same time, postdevelopment is a hopeful area of inquiry and practice that pushes well beyond theory to uncover alternatives for now and the future.


This area of research in concerned with examining various theories and approaches to understanding, resisting and confronting inequalities in Australia and globally. 

Psy-expertise in development

The ‘psy’ (the psyche, the mind, mental health, subjective wellbeing, cognition, subjectivity, mentality, and more) is fast becoming a specific frontier of international development. This area of research takes up these concerns and critically examines the use of psychological expertise within development policy and practice.

Gendered norms

Gendered norms often regulate our behaviours, actions and structures. They can restrict women’s access to and choice over employment, and are rooted in broader norms relating to gender inequality that, for example, fuel violence against women. This research is concerned with tracing the impacts of gendered norms, but also critically examine interventions that purport to change them.