Income Management & the Cashless Debit Card

Income management like the Basics Card and the Cashless Debit Card in Australia, involves the quarantining of social security payments to restrict both the purchasing of specific items and the amount of cash available. My research is concerned with the politics of income management including its settler colonial impacts.


ParentsNext is a contemporary Australian welfare conditionality program that targets largely single months receiving social security. My research in concerned with the relationship between mutual obligation and the expropriation of women’s unpaid care work. I also examine how expropriation of women’s unpaid care work intersects with ongoing racial expropriation in settler colonial Australia.

Welfare Conditionality

In the last twenty years of Australian social security, there has been a dramatic increase in punitive programs that attribute unemployment to the fault of the individual. Most of these programs are trialled on First Nations communities initially, and then expanded to the non-First Nations poor. This research examines conditionally and ‘mutual obligation’ programs in Australia, paying close attention to the gendered, settler colonial, and class impacts of such interventions.